nyc: first impressions

We out here! New York City is now our home, somehow. It seems a bit hasty, committing myself to a city as high-maintenance as the Big Apple after one whirlwind of a five-day trip. It kind of feels like marrying someone I had a fun, but stressful date with two years ago. Against all odds, I think it's going to work out.

We really hit the jackpot when it comes to neighborhoods. We are smack in the middle of the Village, which is home to dozens of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and shops. It's enough to keep us busy for the next three years! Washington Park is only a couple of blocks away, paving the perfect morning walk for me and Pierre. I'm absolutely smitten.
I've ventured out on my own a few times now, and have survived! It feels very impressive, although I know that it's not that big a deal to the countless strangers and pups I've passed. It's been sunny and humid most days (although right now it's raining), so I've been hiding behind my sunglasses, quietly ogling at every new part of my daily life: the beautiful buildings, the expensive menus outside restaurants, the chic outfits of passerby, the heaps of garbage on the side of the street, the adorable dogs...

A few NYC firsts:

Pierre's first New York pup pee (outside Think Coffee, where I bought my first NYC nitro cold brew because you can take a girl outta Portland...).

Our first family walk through Washington Square Park, where I acquired major heart eyes for our new neighborhood.

My inaugural black and white cookie from Sweets by Chloe, where I realized vegan sweets can be just as tasty as non-vegan sweets.

My first rat spotting and my first public urination spotting. Enough said.

Here's to many more firsts! XOXO Gossip Girl

portland city guide: 6 tea spots to sip at

Strictly tea shops are harder to come by in a city drowning in coffee like Portland, but there are still a few spots that stand out as tea-centric havens. My favorite will always be Tea Chai Te (specifically the NW 23rd location, which is a few blocks from our place and is dog friendly), but there are a handful more to take note of!

Tea Chai Te

just my type: 70's style lettering

I'm a total typography nerd, and pretty much start drooling when I spot an awesome old poster from the 60's or 70's that is somehow simultaneously a psychedelic mess and a graphic design masterpiece.  I love the chunky, fluid lettering characteristic of that time--a time where so much was new, and people were doing their best to make sense of it (or just goin' with the flow, man...). Suffice it to say, I LOVE it, I always have, and always will. Here are just a few examples of this 70's-inspired style of lettering. Sources here.

obsessed: denim + linen

I'm totally gobbling up this whole trend of minimalist fashion lately--but with one caveat: Statement accessories must accompany! Huge vintage jewelry and scarves are a MUST. Here a just a few minimalist favorites, to be dressed up with funky flair. Sources and more inspiration here.

inspiration: bedroom mood board

Since we're moving soon, I'm already daydreaming about our next apartment's decor. It will probably be a tricky space to decorate exactly the way I want it since it will be more dorm-y than home-y, but I'm determined nevertheless.

I think bedrooms should be calming and comfy.  I'm super into the all-white trend, but with a dog, it's a little less appealing. This grey and white pattern seems like a good compromise. Also, LOTS of candles are crucial, because they are a physical reminder for me to "chill out" once I light them. And yes, I've also been taken in by the fur trend, so a faux fur touch seems like a fun addition -- so soft!

I've wanted this butt pillow for ages. To be quite honest, this butt print was my color pallet inspiration! I also have a few weavings I've made that have inspired our current bedroom that I know will help bring together our next one. We'll see how the end-product is once we move! I'm hoping to aquire a few of these pieces (tax free! Go Oregon!) before we make the move, so we should have an easy time getting our place settled.


Faux Fur